The new generation of artists

In the recent years, there has been a new phenomena in Youtube. Anybody who could sing or do something related to music has started  to upload videos in this site and became famous.… Continue reading

Driving carefully

Having technology in the car can result entertaining for the passengers and the driver. They can listen music and talk with their friends using WhatsApp. However, there are certain things we must think… Continue reading

Back to the discussion

It’s been a month since I don’t write about technology and how it influences us. I was taking a long break which I used to travel around my country and go there for… Continue reading

Top 6 sites you have to check!

  Today as December 4th there are many bloggers out there on internet talking about technology, children and education. @Technology talk wants to show you some interesting websites and blogs where one can… Continue reading

I can’t sleep ;(

Have you notice that when you go to sleep you still have in your mind the ringtone of your cellphone? In one of the previous articles of @Technology Talk  it was mentioned that one… Continue reading

Technology vs Parents

Technology is teaching children wonderful things, but is it replacing the role of the parents? The blogger Carolyn Brinkmann noted that TV, computers and electronic devices can not let  parents to lose their… Continue reading

Online cheating can be prevented

For no one is a secret that technology has helped children and teenagers to have more access to information, and at the same time, schools are starring to implement it more, adapting their… Continue reading

Avoiding cyberbullying

While the Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay is trying to stop cyberbullying with a legislation he proposed  called Bill C-13, parents are still struggling of how to prevent their kids from this uncomfortable… Continue reading

Losing our memories

Rabbi Shmuley said for the online version of Oprah’s show that technology is corrupting children’s mind. @Technology Talk wanted to know how truth is that technology makes not only children, but its users in… Continue reading

Handwriting is not disappearing in Kamloops Christian School

Gracie Benz, a grade four teacher at Kamloops Christian School (Canada), considers that technology  is not affecting written communication in her class. Her students learn cursive and printing, and show enthusiasm for reading… Continue reading